Those Grim Market Predictions? Don't Listen.

(Bloomberg View) -- Bullish News From Wall Street's Bearish Seers

When the forecasters say one thing, sometimes you should run in the opposite direction, Barry Ritholtz says -- and Wall Street equity analysts' gloomy predictions about the next three months may offer reason for optimism. 

9/11 Families May Not Be Able to Sue Saudi Arabia After All

As Congress bickers about the controversial new law it just passed, Noah Feldman says it may run afoul of constitutional rules about who can sue where, as well as the Partridge family precedent -- and yes, it's thatPartridge family.

North Carolina's Governor Tries to Ride Trump's Coattails

Most Republican candidates want distance from the party's presidential nominee, but not Pat McCrory, the "bathroom bill"-supporting governor who's up for re-election in November. Margaret Carlson explains why the controversy-plagued incumbent is taking a contrarian approach. 

The Economic Theory of Dining as a Couple

When deciding what to order (and how much to share) when dining out as a couple, there are four strategies available -- and while a protectionist approach would guard your pommes frites, free trade ensures that the best goods reach both sides of the table. Megan McArdle considers how the insights of economics can help you maximize your pleasure while dining out.  

Challenge What You Think You Know About Banned Books Week

The American Library Association's weeklong celebration of forbidden literature ends today, and for Stephen Carter, it's a helpful reminder that even free-speech crusaders need to be open to new and dangerous ideas.

Ritholtz's Reads

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  • How Russia wants to undermine the U.S. election (Time)
  • Bernanke: How do people really feel about the economy? (Brookings)

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