It's October, So Here Are Some Nightmares

(Bloomberg View) -- The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of Major Dickason's coffee, grab a comfy seat in front of the fire, and get ready for our long-form weekend reads:

  • Sheila Bair Called the Financial Crisis. Here’s Her New Nightmare. (Bloomberg)
  • Blowout: Four years after his indictment, one of the only people prosecuted for the Deepwater Horizon explosion tells his side of the story. (Texas Monthly)
  • The man who brought you Brexit (Guardian)
  • The Car-Emissions Sleuth Who’s Costing Chrysler $5 Billion (Bloombergsee also Inside the Lab That Exposed VW’s Emissions Scheme (Bloomberg)
  • Europeans don’t have true citizenship. They have a second-class status dating back to Ancient Rome (Quartz)
  • A Nonlinear History of Time Travel (Nautilus)
  • Two huge interactive articles:
    The Cobalt Pipeline: Tracing the path from deadly hand-dug mines in Congo to consumers’ phones and laptops (Washington Post)
    Penn Station Reborn: Decades ago, New York lost one of its grand entryways. What if a new one were hiding in plain sight? (New York Times)
  • Epidemics of Insanity: Euripides, Mao, and Qutb: How Virulent Contagions of Political Fanaticism Spread Across the Globe (Tablet)
  • An Organic Chicken Farm in Georgia Has Become an Endless Buffet for Bald Eagles (Audubon)
  • The Sorcerer of Jazz (NY Review of Books)
It's October, So Here Are Some Nightmares

Source: Telegraph

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