Zimbabwe Civil Service Plans Strike as Inflation Erodes Salaries

(Bloomberg) -- Zimbabwean state employees threatened to join a strike by doctors and teachers unless the government addresses the impact of inflation on their salaries.

Prices in Zimbabwe are rising at the fastest pace since a hyperinflationary spiral in 2008, when the rate hit 500 billion percent, amid a scarcity of foreign currency that’s caused a shortage of food and fuel. Teachers this week joined a nationwide strike begun by doctors last month over inadequate pay.

Civil servants will stop work within 14 days unless their demands are met, the Apex Council, which represents Zimbabwe’s public service, said in a statement emailed Wednesday from the capital, Harare.

“The reason for this step is premised on the incapacitation of our members and the failure by government to address the same,” council Chairwoman Cecilia Alexander said in the statement. “The incapacitation comes in the wake of the erosion of our static salaries due to the sky-rocketing cost of living.”

Zimbabwe Civil Service Plans Strike as Inflation Erodes Salaries

Government employees have held several meetings with the authorities about improving working conditions, with little progress to date, she said.

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