Your Weekend Reading: This Is Where All the Rich People Live

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What a difference a month makes. February’s U.S. payrolls data, the highlight for any eco-watcher, were truly bizarre, and the jobs growth number was a huge disappointment. For stock traders grappling with a record but gradual bull run, it capped a wretched week. But even if you knew exactly which stocks to pick a decade ago, it turns out that building the perfect portfolio may not have kept you from being fired.

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From Paris to Tokyo, here’s where to find the world’s super-rich. In the U.S., these are the wealthiest zip codes—many of which are in high-tax states that make it hard for the big earners to leave. And being rich doesn’t mean you’re safe from being scammed, even on your private jet.

Meet the “Witch of Wall Street” and other women who have made history in finance, investing and economics. Disney’s new superhero movie, “Captain Marvel,” is looking to slay female superhero myths. And some moms at Amazon—the Momazonians—want backup day care.

Developers and retailers have made a $2 billion bet that a new shopping mall on Manhattan’s far West Side, part of the massive Hudson Yards development, will prosper. Can these restaurants help? Maybe these luxury apartments will do the trick.

Scrutiny of Donald Trump’s business dealings is just the start of a long and possibly harrowing road for the president and his entourage, Timothy O’Brien writes for Bloomberg Opinion. Also, while the White House denies he had a role in preparing his inauguration, Trump apparently fussed over tablecloths and the Rockettes, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

In the wake of the Troika Laundromat scandal and probes roiling European banks, here’s how money laundering works—from shell companies to “smurfing.”

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The end of the business suit? Goldman Sachs has told employees it’s loosening its approach to office attire and moving “to a firmwide flexible dress code.” Some may celebrate this development, but it could make the morning trawl of one’s closet that much more perplexing. Here, we dissect some potential work scenarios, and how to dress for them.

Your Weekend Reading: This Is Where All the Rich People Live

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