Your Weekend Reading: At Least They’re Still Talking

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There’s no immediate resolution in sight for the deepening trade war between the U.S. and China. President Donald Trump is threatening more duties if a deal isn’t reached soon. But at least the parties are still talking, and that’s good for stocks.

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Uber had a tough first day as a public company, though it was better than some other debuts, and one of its early investors got a massive payday.

Boeing  didn’t incorporate a critical factor from a deadly 737 crash in 2009 when it designed the embattled 737 Max: input from a single sensor. Meanwhile, former Boeing engineers say cost-cutting has compromised safety.

Democratic presidential candidates have plans to tax the wealthy to pay for social programs to help everyone else: here’s your guide

As the real-estate market softens, a new generation of home-flippers is getting stung. “I ate it so hard,” one of them said. 

Sexual misconduct on airline flights is having its #MeToo moment, but flight attendants and consumer advocates worry the Trump administration has tilted a task force in favor of airline management.

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Want to get from Manhattan to LaGuardia, JFK or Newark in just minutes? Blade can take you by helicopter for as little as $195. Careful, though: A few extra conveniences, like weather insurance or checking in a heavy bag, can drive the price up significantly.

Your Weekend Reading: At Least They’re Still Talking

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