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One man is the bad-boy pioneer of antivirus software. The other is the mysterious father of cryptocurrency. John McAfee vowed to reveal who "Satoshi Nakamoto" truly is, but then he backed off. 

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Facebook may pay as much as $5 billion to settle privacy violation claims by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler suggested fining or even jailing Trump administration officials if they defy Congressional subpoenas.

Want to make millions and pay no taxes? Try real estate. It's a great business, especially under America's real estate developer president.

McDonald's is pressuring Uber to make delivery via Uber Eats more profitable for its franchisees. 

Detroit is hyper-focused on making large, pricey SUVs. The strategy brought the industry back from the brink, but it may have cost them a generation of buyers. Gen Z can't afford them

The latest "Avengers" film set a box office record in China. Our critic says it put a solid finish on this chapter of the story. 

What's Lorcan Roche Kelly thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter is closely watching the search for the next governor of the Bank of England. With everyone focusing on who's next, current Governor Mark Carney could risk becoming a bit of a lame duck.

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The Four Seasons' private Airbus A321 will accommodate 48 passengers in custom-made lie-flat seats. When not seated, they can mingle in the lounge with artisans who showcase their craft in interactive workshops. There are more traditional amenities as well: A full bar and a mixologist. 

Your Evening Briefing

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