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When governments urge you to change your diet, they usually focus on cutting out processed meat, sugar and trans fat. Less emphasis is placed on what you should be eating. Too much meat can still kill you, but not consuming these foods will kill you faster

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House Democrats plan a lawsuit to derail President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration, which allows him to shift funding to his proposed border wall, a key promise he made to core supporters.

Timothy L. O’Brien reminds readers in Bloomberg Opinion that he’s seen Trump’s tax returns, and he thinks you should too.

An economist walks into a brothel. Then she asks prostitutes how they manage risk—with lessons for all of us, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Battery research is key to the world’s energy future, but it’s unlikely some shiny new tech is going to come along any time soon. Here’s why.

Amtrak says a new rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey must be built soon. Given Trump's refusal to pay the $6 billion sought by the two blue states, whether that happens before the existing tunnel must be shut down (or worse) is anyone’s guess

Florida homeowners must reduce asking prices if they want to sell, according to a survey of home values there. Especially in Miami.

What’s Tracy Alloway thinking about? The Bloomberg executive editor says that if you were going to choose one analogy from the great works of modern literature to describe the current state of markets, it would have to be "Choose Your Own Adventure." Depending on which asset class you look at, you’re now getting wildly mixed signals about the economy.

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The Hudson Yards mega-development on Manhattan's far West Side has been excoriated as a sterile monument to gentrification and conspicuous consumption. But it does come with a new, spacious arts center, one that's triggered quite the opposite reaction. Have a look inside the $475 million “Shed.”

Your Evening Briefing

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