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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has spent two years negotiating a Brexit deal, one which has been rejected twice by huge majorities. Now she's promised to quit—but only if Parliament gives her what she wants. A vote could take place as early as Friday.

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On Wednesday, Parliament voted on eight options for Brexit—including keeping close ties to the EU and a second referendum. Here's the latest.

U.S. stocks fell and traders piled into bonds as the reality of a worrying economic outlook began to sink in. 

Amazon, perhaps more than other tech companies, has come to resemble a conglomerate. Here are the enormous numbers behind its reach.

U.S. President Donald Trump promised to bring back $4 trillion in offshore cash last year. He missed the mark by $3.3 trillion.

The road to Yale begins at age 5 at New York's Baby Ivies, the private preschools and kindergartens where big money and bigger egos clash.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced India has joined the U.S., Russia and China in having the capability to shoot down satellites.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director says the upcoming Jobs Day is something to get excited about, but perhaps not for happy reasons. Only 20,000 new jobs were created in February. Since then, we've had the dovish pivot from the Fed and the yield-curve inversion. And the R-word is on everyone's lips.

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Don't call it a fanny pack. The crossbody bag—slung diagonally from one shoulder and worn anywhere from chest to back to hip—is a functional hybrid of a backpack and a briefcase. It's also an alternative to both. 

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