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Facebook—long criticized for allowing hate speech to proliferate—has been under intense scrutiny since Friday when an alleged gunman livestreamed the murder of 50 people in New Zealand. On Tuesday, the company moved on another front, pledging to block discriminatory ads as part of what it proclaimed to be a “historic” settlement.  

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China, which may be backpedaling on a U.S. trade deal, wants to cut the troubled Boeing 737 Max from the list of U.S. exports it would buy.

The world’s largest economy doesn’t stand so tall in a global ranking of technology skills. For the leaders, look to Europe.

One of the world’s biggest aluminum producers was the target of a cyber attack that affected operations across the globe.

Italy is turning its back on the West in favor of China and its “Belt and Road” initiative, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

The quants are stepping into a gap left by securities dealers: They’re coming for the $3.8 trillion municipal market.

There’s a $370 billion industry that depends on you really not liking what you just ordered online—and returning it.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director said it's strange that China’s economy is a top worry among financial professionals when there are signs its fortunes are looking up

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Travel agents are now writing prescriptions. No pills, mind you, just personalized vacations meant to address your goals, challenges or the ennui of daily life. Whether that means strengthening family bonds, improving work-life balance or curing an entrepreneurial dry spell, this new travel industry is aimed at solving all of those terrible first-world problems.

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