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That may be the initial read of February’s terrible U.S. job numbers, a massive drop when compared with previous months and analyst expectations. Other indicators, however, militate against panic. Still, this could be the beginning of that long-rumored slowdown.

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Tax season is in full swing, and blue state residents are grappling with the expensive gift Republicans gave them last year. But don't expect the Democratic takeover of the House to change anything: Limits on SALT deductions are here to stay.

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren proposed breaking up Amazon, Google and Facebook, calling them anti-competitive behemoths.

Chinese stocks tumbled the most in almost five months as traders took a cue from the nation’s largest brokerage—and perhaps the government—that someone wants to slow down the rally.

Norway blinks. A lobbying effort by Big Oil may have dissuaded the country's $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund from dumping all of its holdings in companies responsible for global climate change.

Steve Bannon’s gone, but not forgotten. President Donald Trump, who has denounced his former adviser, is taking up his demand that allies pay much more money to host U.S. military personnel. Opponents see the latest trial balloon as risking permanent damage to U.S. interests.

For those who think desalination is the ultimate solution in a warming world where drinking water is drying up, Bloomberg Businessweek has some bad news for you.

What's Luke Kawa thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter is reflecting on how U.S. and European financial regulators seem to be thinking the same way when it comes to higher wage growth, and how it may still be consistent with on-target inflation.

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Friday is International Women’s Day, and we’d like to introduce you to some Americans who made history in finance, investing and economics. They include a “Madam Railroad” and the “Witch of Wall Street,” and all have this in common: They broke barriers in the face of daunting odds.

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