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Now under Democratic control, the House Judiciary Committee has opened what promises to be a sprawling, unprecedented investigation of President Donald Trump. It began Monday with demands for information from 81 people on topics including his administration’s activities, his businesses and his potential ties to Russia

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Evidence is growing that the U.S. economy is a net loser when it comes to the various trade wars launched by the administration. But at least one expert says the direct impact of tariffs has been small.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s separate probe of potential collusion between Trump’s campaign and Moscow continues. Once his final report is submitted to the new attorney general, a brand new battle begins.

Stocks fell in the U.S. despite news of a possible U.S.-China deal to end the trade war. Some are saying any deal is already priced in.

Brett Kavanaugh and other Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices attacked a state high court's separation of church and state.

The Philippine peso emerged as Asia’s best-performing currency in February. And it may continue to surpass its peers.

It’s back to the 19th century for British stomachs if the country crashes out of the EU without a deal. The Brexit diet is peas, peas and more peas.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is contemplating software and how investment in the sector is skyrocketing. Its contribution to growth just hit its highest level since the internet bubble.

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By setting a cap on how much Americans can deduct in state taxes, Republicans created a pricey problem for people in Democratic-leaning states. Now that tax season is here, moving to cheaper pastures may look more attractive. But even before the 2018 tax overhaul, there were rich people trying to move, or pretending to. Here are a few colorful examples of litigation between wealthy residents who claimed to have left—and jilted states that didn’t quite believe them.

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