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He upended the Democratic Party. He unveiled a coalition furious with its leadership and seeming unwillingness to part with Wall Street money. He cited economic stratification and desperation in moving the national debate to the left. He laid the groundwork for liberal candidates already running for president in 2020. Now, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is joining them

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Self-driving cars may kill auto insurance as we know it. Without humans to cause accidents, most of the risk is removed. Insurers are scrambling to prepare for an existential crisis.

Talks between California and federal officials on vehicle emissions and fuel economy standards have broken down without a deal.

The Pentagon wants to buy some old fighter aircraft. But don’t worry, it still wants all of the new, problem-plagued, over-budget ones, too.

Moscow authorities arrested a U.S. fund manager. Now investors are taking their money out of Russia, and wondering if anyone is safe.

Climate change has made urban pollution more dangerous and thunderstorms more destructive. There’s science to prove it.

The U.S. is asking China to keep the value of the yuan stable as part of trade negotiations ahead of a March 1 deadline.

What’s Luke Kawa thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter says U.S. investors might have missed some potentially big news if they took an extra-long weekend. Chinese stimulus is beginning to show up in the data in a meaningful way.

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The Airstream RV gets smart, but stays retro. With a new app, the famous brand will let digital nomads control their camper by iPhone. But the old magic is still there.

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