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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested Donald Trump postpone his State of the Union speech, saying the government shutdown, now in its fourth week, will make planning and security for the event difficult. The president has attempted to soften the spreading impact of the self-imposed crisis even as legal challenges mount.  

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U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May barely survived a vote of no confidence after seeing her Brexit deal go down in flames. 

William Barr’s remark that Americans may never see Special Counsel Robert Mueller's final report triggered a warning from Senator Dianne Feinstein, who told the prospective attorney general it is “essential" Americans know its contents. For those worried Barr will try to hinder the Russia collusion probe, there’s a different school of thought.

Previously unreported results from a recent clinical trial show that 96 percent of patients responded positively to an Alzheimer’s vaccine, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Home sales in the U.S. fell in December while prices rose only slightly, marking the smallest annual increase since the end of the last housing crash.

Eddie Lampert, the billionaire who’s hitched his career and reputation to a fading American retail icon, will get another chance at reviving Sears.

With mobile apps that can make you a dinner reservation, find a taxi, a dog walker or even arrange your dry cleaning, who needs a personal assistant—let alone a luxury concierge? The super-rich, that’s who.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is thinking about Turkey, and how the lira has stabilized. The reason for this, however, isn't particularly good news for that country.

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How to make clothes without killing the planet. A river of toxic blue sludge flows through a factory outside Ho Chi Minh City. After going through giant vats and filters, the now-colorless liquid trickles into a glass held by Sanjeev Bahl. He drinks it, toasting what may be a cleaner, tectonic shift in how clothing is made all over the world.

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