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Longest shutdown in U.S. history? Federal workers resorting to food banks? Not even the unprecedented calamity dropped on 800,000 Americans by Donald Trump's border wall could drown out the thunder claps of Russia-related news this weekend, including his failure to deny during a friendly interview that he worked for Moscow. The president did follow up Monday to say he’s not a Kremlin agent

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The FBI investigated Trump as a potential Russian dupe before Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, and the president sought to bury notes of his private talks with Vladimir Putin, according to news reports.  

While recession fears grow on Wall Street, some see light at the end of the tunnel. For everyday Americans, it’s an oncoming train.

But maybe 2019 won’t be so bad after all. Goldman Sachs says it could be a good year for these companies.

California’s climate change-accelerated wildfires are about to claim another victim. PG&E, citing massive potential liability, is planning to file for bankruptcy

A hedge fund with an investment strategy that involves buying up local newspapers and then firing large numbers of journalists is gunning for Gannett. Wall Street reacted happily, sending Gannett stock up. Hedge funds have been circling U.S. journalism for years, with grim results. Large swaths of the nation now go without any local news coverage at all.

Stuck in the Holland Tunnel? Bloomberg Businessweek reports there’s one thing moving under the Hudson River: financial data—in fiber-optic cable with a new quantum security feature.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director says that while risky assets are off to a good start this year, markets are well aware of how quickly things went south last month.

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After multiple leaks on blogs and social media, Toyota unveiled its turbocharged 2020 Toyota Supra. It’s the first time the carmaker has made and sold a new Supra in America in 21 years

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