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Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, a sharp reversal that appeared to take the Pentagon by surprise. It isn’t clear how soon the 2,000 troops would be coming home or what the decision means for Kurdish allies. Russia, which has been supporting Syria's Assad regime militarily, praised Trump.

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The Fed raised borrowing costs for the fourth time this year, ignoring Trump and a stock-market selloff. It did however dial back projections for further hikes and economic growth in 2019.

Lyft is betting it can prosper when it goes public next spring—and win market share from Uber—by treating drivers better than its rival.

Trade disputes, exploding global debt and volatile stock markets were just part of the story. Here are the numbers behind the defining moments for global markets and economies in 2018: This is the year in money.

Many vegans want to destroy the modern food system. Investor Chris Kerr wants to use it to take plant-based products mainstream.

The Boy Scouts are fighting a wave of litigation fueled by thousands of sex abuse and misconduct allegations. To protect itself, the 108-year-old organization is considering bankruptcy.

Surprise DNA testing results are turning customer-service reps into therapists. How do you tell someone that her brother is not her brother?

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? With the clock ticking down on the U.K., the Bloomberg news director is thinking about the prospect of a "no deal" Brexit, one in which Britain crashes out of the European Union. Not many want that outcome, but let's game it out anyway.

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The Wing, an exclusive co-working space and amorphous manifestation of female professional desire, has raised $75 million to expand, Bloomberg Businessweek reports. What will that expansion look like? Not even its founders are sure.

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