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The most expensive midterm campaign in U.S. history raced to a finish ahead of Tuesday’s elections, as both sides braced for a possible split decision that would hand the House to Democrats and leave Republicans holding onto or expanding their Senate majority. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully, it won't be a cyber attack

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Bloomberg News will, of course, be mapping the results of the midterms in real-time. These are the races to watch and how to follow them.

Apple fell sharply on Monday following a report that the company was canceling a production boost for its budget iPhone XR line.

Steve Eisman, of "The Big Short" fame, is shorting two U.K. banks over expectations the country will leave the EU without a deal.

Fast-food chains are no longer recruiting in high schools. Why? Because senior citizens are replacing teens behind the fryer. 

There's a $6 trillion barrier holding electric cars back, Anjani Trivedi writes in Bloomberg Opinion.

On the debut episode of Prognosis, a Bloomberg podcast about people living on the edge of medical innovation: A group of DIY-ers have successfully hacked together a pump, glucose monitor and smartphone to simulate a functioning pancreas.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director is watching markets around the world slip a bit in the wake of Xi Jinping's speech at a Shanghai Trade Fair, in which he did not offer much in the way of conciliation towards the U.S.

What you'll need to know tomorrow

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Democrats are counting on a "blue wave" to sweep them into power in the House and Senate in Tuesday’s elections. But a historic headwind could make that more challenging: Some of the demographic groups with the highest levels of support for Democrats tend to turn out to vote in lower numbers in midterm elections.

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