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New York is probing allegations that Donald Trump and his family used “outright fraud” to evade taxes on hundreds of millions of dollars. A New York Times report said that, counter to the president's claim that he is a self-made billionaire, much of his fortune was handed to him by his father, starting at a very young age.

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America’s retreat from world leadership is intensifying calls to revisit the dollar’s role in the global economy, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

As the sexual assault probe of Brett Kavanaugh nears an end, concern the FBI effort isn’t “serious” was compounded by news the White House hasn’t allowed agents to interview the high court nominee or Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Trump, meanwhile, is betting the fight will help in November, mocking Ford and another accuser before a cheering Mississippi crowd.

Japanese companies are offering the U.K. a taste of what’s to come if Brexit talks with the EU fail: they’re shifting operations elsewhere

Ever wonder what the world’s worst stock market is? Well, this one is so bad that traders are afraid to bargain hunt even as it plummets.

The spotted lanternfly, native to Southeast Asia, is following in the footsteps of the brown marmorated stink bug, Bloomberg Businessweek reports, spreading across America and destroying crops.

Remember that Chinese actress who vanished from the public eye in June? She’s back with a $129 million fine for tax evasion.

What’s Luke Kawa thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter says Mizuho’s U.S. high-yield team expansion and Bank of America’s plans to cover 100 U.S. exchange-traded funds pay “thematic homage” to the key drivers of the long American risk rally. 

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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies rolled out its first full-scale passenger capsule, offering the world a peek into the future of travel popularized by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Named the Quintero One, the vehicle is made almost entirely out of composite material.

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