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Warnings aside, U.S. stock benchmarks continued their ascent Thursday. Both the S&P 500 and the Dow jumped to record highs while consumer comfort rose to a 17-year peak. Not to be outdone, jobless claims fell to a 48-year low.

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Amazon is "basically sticking Alexa in everything it can" writes Mark Gurman. The company just introduced a slew of new gadgets, including a microwave, wall clock and home security device.

Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates is looking at taking over unprofitable neighbor Etihad in a move that would create the world’s biggest carrier.

The FBI is quietly asserting its independence after U.S. President Donald Trump moved this week to pull the agency into two heated political controversies.

China plans to cut the average tariff rates on imports from the majority of its trading partners as soon as next month in a move that will lower costs for its consumers.

The man charged with turning Trump's trade bluster into reality is a China hawk who has spent years preparing for economic war, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

The American consumer can summon almost anything to their door in a matter of days via the internet. Now, even online car shopping has hit that critical mass.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? He's still obsessing over weed stocks. One analyst group expects the global market for legal cannabis will be $32 billion by 2022. Right now, however, North America's three biggest pot stocks (Tilray, Canopy, and Cronos) have a combined market cap of about $40 billion. You do the math.

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The newest version of Apple’s watch is cohesive, ambitious and it might just encourage you to reshape your habits and behaviors. Don't you feel better already?

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