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U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh denied allegations by a California professor that he sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. Both said they are willing to testify about the matter before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The confirmation battle isn't over yet. 

Here are today's top stories

Coca-Cola may jump into the cannabis drinks business. The beverage behemoth is interested in drinks infused with CBD, which treats pain but doesn't get you high.

China promised to reject any trade talks if President Donald Trump moves ahead with new tariffs, throwing into doubt the prospect of a deal. At least some Apple products might be spared. 

Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund signed an agreement to invest $1 billion in aspiring U.S. electric-car maker Lucid Motors. Tesla shares fell.

Tesla has "gone from production hell to delivery logistics hell," Elon Musk said. In related news, the British diver who helped with a Thai cave rescue sued the billionaire after becoming the target of his ire. 

Even the best autonomous vehicles struggle with bad weather. The ultimate hurdle to the next phase of this technology might be fog and rain, Bloomberg Businessweek reports

The average Wall Street salary is now $422,500. That's the highest it's been since the collapse of Lehman Brothers exactly 10 years ago, in case you were wondering.

What's Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director thinks it's about time for an Alan Greenspan revival. We're in a strange situation where mainstream academic economists are talking about the need to raise rates, while a random crew of left-wing economists (and a few others) are citing Greenspan as the model policymaker.

What you'll need to know tomorrow

  • Workers in rich countries are getting their biggest pay bump in a decade.
  • The emir of Qatar gave Turkey's Erdogan a jet worth half a billion dollars.
  • Venezuelans are living in a perpetual state of "adios."
  • Record-setting floods are making it difficult to assess Florence's damage.
  • Why is this supersafe bank scaring the Fed?
  • The lawyer who took on Uber is suing IBM for age discrimination.
  • Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told students "we have abandoned truth."

What you'll want to read tonight

As a plane approaches, it’s identified and monitored by an array of cameras. At the gate, a laser-guided aerobridge positions itself to let you disembark while automated vehicles unload bags. Head to an unmanned immigration turnstile for face-scan and thumb-print. Eventually, you'll line up for a driverless taxi. This isn't some picture of the future. In one Asia airport, it's right now

Your Evening Briefing

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