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A day after a former CIA director said taking Vladimir Putin at his word was "nothing short of treasonous," U.S. President Donald Trump sought to cool the latest political firestorm by saying he misspoke, and that he does accept his administration's conclusion that Russia interfered with the 2016 election. But then Trump added maybe it was someone else

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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told Congress trade wars are bad for economic growth and bad for wage growth.

Time to release the tax returns? Bloomberg Opinion writer Timothy L. O'Brien says Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit provides another reason for the president to come clean.

Recession may be on the horizon if you subscribe to conventional wisdom about the yield curve, since it may be on a one-way trip to inversion.

Goldman Sachs stock dipped after analysts spotted flaws in its earnings. Worse for the firm's bankers, it looks like there's less bonus money coming their way.

Remember the U.S. infrastructure boom? While billions of dollars were raised to fix America's failing roads, rails and runways, little of that cash has actually been spent. So where is it?

Portions of Google’s cloud-computing service went down Tuesday, leading to the temporary failure of popular applications such as Snapchat and Spotify

What’s Tracy Alloway thinking about? The Bloomberg executive editor is wondering what the predictive power of a flattening yield curve is. Stay tuned, because we may soon find out.

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They’re decadent and spacious. Filled with luxurious touches, they come with outrageously expensive amenities. And most of all, they have stunning views. You may never be able to afford these hotel rooms, but it doesn’t really matter: The hotel probably won’t tell you they exist.

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