U.K. Prime Minister Told That in China, She's `Auntie May'

(Bloomberg) -- U.K. Trade Secretary Liam Fox said Thursday that he wished the people of Britain could see Theresa May as the rest of the world sees her. It was helpful, then that China’s television has told the prime minister that her nickname there is “Auntie May.”

“A lot of Chinese people would affectionately call you, in Chinese, ‘Auntie May,”’ an interviewer told her during her during her visit. “You’re one of the members of the family. Do you like that?”

The prime minister was clearly taken aback. “Oh, thank you,” she replied. “Thank you very much indeed. I’m honored by that. Thank you.”

U.K. Prime Minister Told That in China, She's `Auntie May'

“Auntie” is how the Chinese refer to older women, so the name could be a little less flattering than it appears. On the other hand, it’s definitely an improvement on what the Poles call her -- “Madam Brexit” -- or the moniker that her stiff responses earned her during last year’s election campaign: “Maybot.”

May and her husband Philip later enjoyed a traditional tea drinking ceremony with Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan. When the British visitors were served Lapsang Souchong tea, Mr. May revealed it is their favored brew at home, telling Madame Peng: “We drink that.”

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