Trudeau Poised to Order End to Canadian Postal Strike

(Bloomberg) -- Justin Trudeau’s government appears to be gearing up to order an end to Canada’s weeks-long postal strike, heading off a potential disaster for online retailers just ahead of the holiday rush.

The Liberal government’s leader in the House of Commons gave notice Thursday for an act “to provide for the resumption and continuation of postal services.” The motion also proposes some limits on the amount of time to debate the bill.

Trudeau and other ministers said this week talks between Canada Post and unionized workers appear stalled, just as deliveries are piling up ahead of Christmas. The government is under pressure from online retailers such as EBay Canada to force an end to rotating work stoppages that have lasted for more than a month, clogging mail depots with hundreds of trailers of unsorted packages.

“The holiday season is incredibly important to our Canadian buyers and sellers,” Erin Green, Managing Director of Etsy Canada, said in an email. “We would like a speedy resolution to ensure our buyers and sellers can have the most successful holiday season possible.”

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