The Number of Female Executives in Sweden Is Rising

(Bloomberg) -- The proportion of women on the management teams of listed Swedish companies rose to 23 percent this year, from 21 percent a year ago, according to a new report from the AllBright foundation.

If the development continues at the same pace, a quarter of executives at Swedish companies will be women next year, the foundation said.

Here are the other key findings in the report:

  • While some 90 percent of all CEO positions are held by men, the number of women in that position has increased 65 percent since last year
  • The number of gender-equal Swedish companies rose to 47 this year, from 39 last year, and they now make up 14 percent of the total
  • At the same time, the number of companies without any women in management positions also rose, to 81 from 77; as a percentage of all companies, they account for 25 percent, down from 26 percent last year after a number of new companies were listed
  • Newly listed companies have more women in management positions, with an average proportion of 25 percent
  • Among large companies, women account for 25 percent of the positions on the management teams; at medium-sized firms, that number is 22 percent and at smaller companies, it’s 21 percent
  • The boards at the largest companies could be gender equal already in 2020, with 38 percent women currently; including all listed companies, the proportion of women on the boards stands at 34 percent

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