Sudan Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Anti-Al-Bashir Protesters

(Bloomberg) -- Police and national security forces used tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters who took to the streets in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, demanding that President Omar al-Bashir step down after almost 30 years in power.

Security organs and police set up check points, closed main streets, and lobbed tear gas at protesters, who were heading to the president’s palace to present a petition.

Tuesday’s protests were organized by a group of independent professional unions, whose members joined doctors and teachers in week-long nationwide demonstrations against rising inflation and food shortages.

While the protests continued in the capital, al-Bashir was in Al-Jazeera state, southeast of the capital, launching a stadium, school and small cotton factory.

In a speech at the event, the president blamed the protests on foreign countries and “mercenaries.” The government will continue with economic reforms to improve the lives of its citizens, he said.

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