Singapore, Malaysia to Meet on Airspace, Maritime Issues Soon

(Bloomberg) -- Singapore and Malaysia will meet soon to discuss airspace and maritime-related disputes as both sides seek to ease tensions that recently flared.

Transport ministers from the two countries will gather “in the coming weeks,” Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Saturday. Foreign ministry officials are meeting on Jan. 28 to find solutions on maritime matters, and will discuss legal and operational aspects to “de-escalate the situation on the ground,” it said.

“The government of Malaysia is committed to resolve bilateral issues with the government of Singapore in a peaceful and calm manner,” it said in the statement. “Diplomatic efforts are underway to find amicable solutions to issues of concern to both countries.”

Singapore and Malaysia earlier agreed to postpone a ministerial meeting amid a dispute on territorial waters. The bickering between the two over issues including the price of water supplied to the city-state deepened after Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad led the opposition coalition to victory in the May elections.

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