Worthless Money and Distracted Boyfriends

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My Tuesday morning train reads:

  • If Earnings Matter, Equity Valuation Looks Attractive (Disciplined Investing); see also Investors Double Down on Tech in Rocky Quarter for Stocks (Wall Street Journal)
  • How to Survive When Money Is Worthless (New York Times)
  • How Amazon Steers Shoppers to Its Own Products (New York Times); see also To Compete With Amazon, Big-Name Consumer Brands Have to Become More Like It (Harvard Business Review)
  • The Father of Portfolio Theory Bets on Rebuilding (Barron’s)
  • A Simple Checklist to Improve Your Decisions (Farnam Street); see also Expiring Vs. Long-Term Knowledge (Collaborative Fund)
  • The Great Russian Disinformation Campaign (the Atlantic)
  • Less than a quarter of Americans get enough exercise, according to a new report — here’s what you should be doing (Business Insider); see also How going for a run changes your brain (Big Think)
  • China’s penetration of Silicon Valley creates risks for startups (Reuters)
  • North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites (NBC News); see also Trump Can’t Afford to Admit His Failures With North Korea (the Atlantic)
  • That “distracted boyfriend” meme? Twitter users uncover the backstory of the woman by his side (Scroll.in)

What are you reading? 

Facebook, Google Aren’t Tech Stocks? What That Means for Investors

Worthless Money and Distracted Boyfriends

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