Ritholtz's Reads: Shoddy Statistics and the Lunatic Fringe

(Bloomberg) -- My morning train reads:

  • 9.9% Is the New American Aristocracy (the Atlantic); see also 40% in U.S. can’t afford middle-class basics (Axios)
  • Deconstructing the U.S. Jobs Market (Global Macro Monitor)
  • How Shoddy Statistics Found a Home in Sports Research (FiveThirtyEight)
  • Stanley Druckenmiller’s Big Mistake (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Why the NFL Stopped Seeing Gambling as a Threat — and Started to See a Windfall (Wall Street Journal)
  • The surprising return of the repo man (Washington Postbut see Why Subprime Auto Loans Are Not Like Subprime Mortgages (the Big Picture)
  • Subcutaneous Fitbits? These cows are modeling the tracking technology of the future (MIT Technology Review)
  • This Engineer Is Building an Armada of Saildrones That Could Remake Weather Forecasting (Bloomberg)
  • “Americans are Being Held Hostage and Terrorized by the Fringes” (Politico)
  • We Depend On Plastic. Now, We’re Drowning in It. (National Geographic)

What are you reading?

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Ritholtz's Reads: Shoddy Statistics and the Lunatic Fringe

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