S&P 500 Bears, Uber and Fixing Notre Dame

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My midweek morning train reads:

• All the Stuff Bears Are Saying to Spoil the S&P 500 Record Party (Bloomberg)
• Stocks are at an all-time high. Here’s what stopped the last 12 bull runs (CNN)
• The Dark-Money Lobbying Group Going After Pension Funds: What is behind the Institute for Pension Fund Integrity? (Institutional Investor)
• Will Netflix eventually monetize its user data? (The Conversation)
• Uber Questions (Stratecherysee also Uber’s Coming out Party: Personal Mobility Pioneer or Car Service on Steroids? (Musings on Markets)
• Clorox and Unilever Want the Booming Bacteria Business to Thrive (Bloomberg Businessweek)
• Why Does It Always Take a Crisis to Get Something Fixed? Notre Dame was supposed to take 30 years to fix. After the fire, it could be rebuilt in a mere five. (Slate)
• How tech founders are trying to disrupt — and replicate — the Giving Pledge (Recode)
• Chalking Tires and the Fourth Amendment (Reason)
• Did a Meteor from Another Star Strike Earth in 2014? (Scientific American)

What are you reading?

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S&P 500 Bears, Uber and Fixing Notre Dame

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