Pamela Anderson Weighs In on the Side of France's ‘Yellow Vests’

(Bloomberg) -- Actress Pamela Anderson is throwing her support behind the “Yellow Vest” protesters who rioted in France on Saturday over gas taxes and the rising cost of living.

In a series of tweets Monday, the Canadian-American actress said the unrest paled in comparison to the “structural violence” of the global 1 percent.

Anderson, who rose to fame in the television show Baywatch and is a campaigner for animal rights, is one of the few non-French celebrities to take a stance on the protests. She’s been featured in French celebrity magazines this year because she’s on the country’s version of Dancing With the Stars and has been in a relationship with Marseille soccer player Adil Rami.

“The true question is whether the disobedience can be constructive, what comes the day after,” Anderson wrote. “Can the progressives in France, and all over the world, use this energy so instead of violence we have images of constructing equal and egalitarian societies?”

Local Support

Michel Polnareff, a French pop singer who’s lived for years in Los Angeles, told Le Parisien newspaper last week that he’s “very respectful” of the cause of the Yellow Vests.

For her part, Brigitte Bardot, the 1950s screen siren who’s also an animal rights activist, tweeted a photo of herself Thursday wearing a yellow vest, accompanied by two dogs, one of them similarly attired.

“With you!” she tweeted.

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