PacLife Pulls Ads From Tucker Carlson’s Fox News Show After Immigrant Remark

(Bloomberg) -- Pacific Life Insurance Co. is cutting ties with Tucker Carlson’s show on the Fox News Channel for now after his comments on immigration.

“We will not be advertising on Mr. Carlson’s show in the coming weeks as we re-evaluate our relationship with his program,” the insurer said Friday in a tweet. The company said it “strongly” disagrees with disparaging comments about immigrants Carlson made Thursday in a segment that appeared before a PacLife ad.

PacLife said its customer base and employees are diverse, a fact in which it takes “great pride.” Over the past year, companies have pulled advertising from shows including Laura Ingraham’s program over comments about issues such as school shootings.

“It is a shame that left-wing advocacy groups, under the guise of being supposed ‘media watchdogs,’ weaponize social media against companies in an effort to stifle free speech,” Fox News said in an emailed statement. “We continue to stand by and work with our advertisers through these unfortunate and unnecessary distractions.” Fox News is owned by 21st Century Fox Inc.

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