Only Four of Top 15 Fastest Growing U.S. Cities on a Coast

(Bloomberg) -- The majority of America’s fastest growing cities are in fly-over country.

Only four of the top 15 fastest growing cities are on a coast and only one, Jacksonville, Florida, is on the East Coast, according to Census Bureau data.

Five Texas cities are grew by an aggregated average of 241 people a day last year -- the leader being San Antonio, which added 66 between July 1, 2016, and July 1, 2017.



Avg. newly added people per day

San Antonio Texas66.3
Phoenix Arizona65.9
Dallas Texas51.9
Fort Worth Texas51.1
Los Angeles California51.1
Seattle Washington47.9
Charlotte North Carolina42.6
Columbus Ohio42.3
Frisco Texas36.9
Atlanta Georgia36.5
San Diego California35.2
Austin Texas34.3
Jacksonville Florida30.6
Irvine California30.3
Henderson Nevada28.9
  • Nine cities with a population greater than 10,000 experienced a 10 percent gain. All nine were in either South Carolina, Texas or Utah.


Growth %

Fulshear, Texas21.2%
Fort Mill, South Carolina13.7%
Bluffdale, Utah13.0%
Leander, Texas12.3%
Manvel, Texas11.3%
Bluffton town, South Carolina10.5%
Herriman, Utah10.4%
Eagle Mountain, Utah10.1%
Saratoga Springs, Utah10.0%
  • Regionally, large cities in the South and West led the nation in population growth last year, with an average increase of 10 percent (16,206) and 7.8 percent (12,256), respectively. By comparison, large cities in the Northeast and Midwest grew on average by 2.2 percent (9,104) and 3 percent (3,942).


Pop. less than 5,000

Pop. between 5,000 - 9,999

Pop. between 10,000 - 49,999

Pop. greater than 50,000

  • In terms of sheer size, the top 15 cities only had one change last year as Texas growth pushed Fort Worth, Texas, to surpass Indianapolis, in becoming the 15th largest city in the U.S. with a population of 874,168.
Rank CityStateCity pop.
1New York cityNew York8,622,698
2Los Angeles cityCalifornia3,999,759
3Chicago cityIllinois2,716,450
4Houston cityTexas2,312,717
5Phoenix cityArizona1,626,078
6Philadelphia cityPennsylvania1,580,863
7San Antonio cityTexas1,511,946
8San Diego cityCalifornia1,419,516
9Dallas cityTexas1,341,075
10San Jose cityCalifornia1,035,317
11Austin cityTexas950,715
12Jacksonville cityFlorida892,062
13San Francisco cityCalifornia884,363
14Columbus cityOhio879,170
15Fort Worth cityTexas874,168
  • In 24 cities, populations shrank by 1,000 people or more. The largest declines were in Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, Anchorage, and Pittsburgh. Baltimore netted a loss of 5,310 in total population over the year.

City, State


Baltimore, Maryland-5,310
St. Louis, Missouri-4,518
Chicago, Illinois-3,825
Anchorage, Alaska-3,020
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-2,610
Detroit, Michigan-2,376
Shreveport, Louisiana-2,358
Columbus, Georgia-2,249
Milwaukee, Wisconsin-2,157
Toledo, Ohio-2,115
Jackson, Mississippi-2,040
Baton Rouge, Louisiana-1,978
Cleveland, Ohio-1,926
Gillette, Wyoming-1,730
Eden, Texas-1,577
Tulsa, Oklahoma-1,533
Peoria, Illinois-1,468
Honolulu, Hawaii-1,464
Long Beach, California-1,402
Mobile, Alabama-1,325
Memphis, Tennessee-1,133
Casper, Wyoming-1,092
Fayetteville, North Carolina-1,045
Newport News, Virginia-1,000

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