Theresa May's Brexit Deal Won't Be Saved by Sinn Fein, Party Says

(Bloomberg) -- Sinn Fein once again ruled out the prospect of taking up its seats at Westminster to help save Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

The Northern Irish nationalist party, which campaigns on an abstentionist platform, won’t take up its seven seats in the House of Commons, housing spokesman Eoin O’Broin said in an interview with RTE radio on Friday, sticking with party policy.

Sinn Fein is facing pressure from political opponents in Ireland to back May in a vote on a deal which keeps the Irish border open after Brexit. Yet, O’Broin said that even if Sinn Fein backed May, it wouldn’t help her cause as some wavering Conservatives lawmakers would desert her if she accepted their support.

If circumstances were different, the party could look at the policy, O’Broin signaled.

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