Holy Mackerel: Sustainable-Fishing Logo Ban for BBQ Favorite

(Bloomberg) -- Mackerel fisheries in the northeast Atlantic will no longer be allowed to use the blue logo indicating sustainability when selling fish caught after March 1, as the certification group seeks the replenishment of stocks.

The Marine Stewardship Council, a non-profit organization that promotes cleaner oceans, suspended fisheries in eight countries from selling mackerel as either “MSC-certified” or bearing the blue label that shoppers look for, according to a statement on the group’s website. The action follows an audit triggered by low stocks.

“The fisheries have confirmed that they will work with management authorities to, as appropriate, adopt measures enabling recovery of the stock,” said MSC Europe Director Camiel Derichs. “If successful, that may enable reinstatement of the MSC certificates by the certification bodies.”

The fisheries affected are in the U.K., Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands, according to the MSC.

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