Ivory Coast Civil-Service Union Calls for Three-Day Protests

(Bloomberg) -- An Ivory Coast labor union representing government workers called for protests from Feb. 25 over suspended salaries, the arrest of union leaders and limited freedom for worker associations.

The action by the union known as the Intersyndicale des Fonctionnaires de Cote d’Ivoire includes a sit-in on Feb. 27 and a strike from April 1 if demands are not met, it said in an emailed statement.

Ivory Coast faced a wave of labor unrest and military mutinies in 2017 that paralyzed government agencies and public schools in the world’s top cocoa producer. The unrest ended when the government offered to pay public workers $480 million to make up for outstanding payments and benefits over an eight-year period. The unions agreed to sign a truce and not go on a strike for five years.

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