Here’s What the U.K. Papers Are Saying About the Brexit Deal

(Bloomberg) -- Britain’s national press warns the nation faces a crunch moment as Prime Minister Theresa May puts her deal to cabinet colleagues and parliament. Still, it’s Prince Charles’s 70th birthday that gets top billing on several front pages.

Daily Mail

“Against seemingly insuperable odds, Theresa May agreed a draft deal with Brussels which, if  accepted, should both honour the referendum result and ensure that our departure will be orderly and amicable… Brexiteers go on endlessly about respecting the “people’s will.” The people’s will today is to get Brexit over and end the uncertainty. For the people’s sake, give Mrs May’s hard-won deal a chance.”

Evening Standard

“The biggest loser, sadly, is Britain… We are losing power, losing influence and losing control. We are entering the “permanent political purgatory” that the Prime Minister warned against... There are alternatives. We could form a secure alliance with others outside the EU… Or we could ask the public, now that they have seen what Brexit entails, to vote again in another referendum. Neither of these options are being presented to the Cabinet today. But both are available to Parliament. We hope they choose one of them.” (The Standard’s editor is former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne) 

Daily Telegraph

“Several ministers have signalled that they will not support an agreement that leaves the country unable to express its sovereign right to leave any arrangement made with the EU... With no parliamentary majority and little agreement among the warring factions, it is impressive that the Prime Minister has got this far. But now her greatest struggle may just be beginning.”

The Sun 

“The Cabinet, we are told, have a “difficult” decision today. It doesn’t look hard to us… If we pay a 39 billion pound “divorce” bill without actually leaving the EU’s central institutions, it is not Brexit. It is insanity – a betrayal which cannot survive and must be rejected.”

Financial Times 

“A significant proportion of Tory MPs seem to think it is dead on arrival. But MPs of all stripes — especially Conservatives — are about to be hit with a ferocious PR and whipping operation. There are widespread doubts in Westminster about the prospects of any deal succeeding. But the politics of Brexit have been highly volatile ever since the referendum. That volatility is about to intensify.”

Here’s What the U.K. Papers Are Saying About the Brexit Deal

The Guardian 

“The prime minister is inviting chaos with a Brexit proposal that cannot command a majority in parliament… If MPs were to refuse to support a Brexit plan, or to ask for more time to get a better deal or to vote for a general election, there would be chaos. Given those foreseeable circumstances, it would be foolish to rule out another referendum.”

Here’s What the U.K. Papers Are Saying About the Brexit Deal

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