Four ETF Nerds Debate 20 Topics

Neeeeeeerrrrrrddsss! The term used to be an insult but now it’s (mostly) a compliment. At least that's the case in the world of ETFs, where passions run high for these low-cost, liquid funds. Used by long-term retail investors and institutional traders, there's a wide range of opinion on which Exchange Traded Funds are best, which trends are smart and what the future may hold.

On this week’s Trillions, Joel and Eric spar with a colorful gang of ETF pundits in a McLaughlin Group-style roundtable. They discuss 20 hot issues in the ETF world, including whether fees are overrated, when a zero-fee ETF will arrive, whether ESG funds can ever find an audience, where innovation will come from and what ETF our panelists would use for their life savings.

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