Finance Jocks and Nerds, and Their Teachers on Airbnb

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Your back-to-work morning train reads:

  • Wall Street Erases the Line Between Its Jocks and Nerds (Wall Street Journal)
  • One in 10 Airbnb Hosts in the U.S. Is a Teacher: Low pay has teachers flocking to the sharing economy (Atlantic)
  • California Homeowners Get to Pass Low Property Taxes to Their Kids: It’s proved highly profitable to an elite group (LA Times)
  • The Bluffocracy: How Britain ended up being run by eloquent chancers (The Spectator)
  • Fake America Great Again (MIT Technology Reviewsee also Inside Facebook’s Plan to Protect the U.S. Midterm Elections: Is it enough? (Recode)
  • Losers Far Outnumber the Winners in Trump’s Global Trade War (Bloomberg)
  • Blockchain Is Starting to Show Real Promise Amid the Hype (Barron’s)
  • Elephants Have a Secret Weapon Against Cancer (The Atlantic)
  • Yuval Noah Harari on What the Year 2050 Has in Store for Humankind (Wired UK)
  • If You’re Wondering Why You’ve Lost Friends in Adulthood, This Is Probably Why (Vox)

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Finance Jocks and Nerds, and Their Teachers on Airbnb

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