Facebook Called to Meeting in Sweden Amid Privacy Concerns

(Bloomberg) -- Sweden has invited Facebook Inc., Google and Twitter Inc. to a meeting next month to discuss blocking extremist propaganda and ensuring that personal data collected by the Internet giants isn’t misused.

The primary aim for the April 13 meeting will be to discuss laws requiring social media to remove terror and Nazi propaganda within 24 hours, according to Justice Minister Morgan Johansson.

“We’re one of the most connected countries,” Johansson said. “So there’s reason, when we meet, to also discuss how they treat personal information and data.”

The meeting comes amid growing concerns over disruptions to Sweden’s election in September. Political parties over the week have revealed that they have been contacted by Cambridge Analytica, the Trump-campaign data firm embroiled in a scandal over its misuse of Facebook accounts.

The ruling Social Democrats said they haven’t been contacted by the firm, while the Moderates said they rejected an approach.

Swedish party leaders also plan to meet later on and discuss methods in their election campaigns, Johansson said.

“One has had a feeling that these kinds of methods exist but now it really comes up to the surface,” he said. “It’s cynical, and ethically indefensible. I think it’s good that Facebook has to answer to how they view these issues, and how they’ll make sure it’ll never happen again.”

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