Ex-HSBC Employee Goes to Jail for Helping Crooks Into Accounts

(Bloomberg) -- A former employee in one of HSBC Holdings Plc’s London branches will serve time in jail for helping thieves steal money from customer accounts.

Liberty Staph, 27, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud by abusing her position, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement Thursday. Staph helped the crooks access customer accounts by getting confidential data, it said.

Three HSBC customers who lost 67,000 pounds ($87,006) were fully refunded by the bank, the police said. Staph received 8,000 pounds in her bank account a few days after each raid had been completed, it said.

"Staph abused her position to fraudulently obtain money from HSBC customers who she was supposed to be helping," police officer Mark Cresswell said. "Her criminal actions were uncovered thanks to a comprehensive internal investigation by HSBC."

HSBC didn’t respond to calls and emails seeking comment.

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