EU, U.K. Plan Broad Security Partnership: Brexit Declaration

(Bloomberg) -- The European Union and the U.K. will aim to establish a “broad, comprehensive and balanced security partnership” addressing evolving threats from terrorism to cyber-attacks, to disinformation campaigns, according to a draft of the political declaration on future ties.

While respecting the sovereignty of the U.K. and the autonomy of the EU, the partnership will comprise data exchange, law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal matters, as well as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing.

The security cooperation plan is part of an 26-page draft document distributed to EU member states on Thursday, which outlines the future relationship including “a free-trade area, combining deep regulatory and customs cooperation.”

The document also sets out a plan for cooperation in international sanctions. While pursuing independent sanctions policies, EU and the U.K. will hold consultations and intensified exchange of information will take place where foreign-policy objectives underpin a specific future sanction regime, with the possibility of adopting sanctions that are mutually reinforcing.

The two sides will also conclude a Security of Information Agreement to provide for reciprocal guarantees for the handling and protection of classified information and where necessary to “set out the terms for protection of sensitive non-classified information.”

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