De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Bernie Sanders, Is Weighing His Own Run

(Bloomberg) -- New York Mayor Bill de Blasio declined to endorse Bernie Sanders’ bid for the Oval Office, instead saying he’s hasn’t ruled out his own 2020 run for president.

“I think Bernie did an incredible service for this country in his campaign in 2016, and it fundamentally changed the debate,” de Blasio said of the Vermont senator during a news conference in Brooklyn on Tuesday. “I think we’re in a new situation here. There’s obviously a different dynamic, and I think everyone should assess the current situation we’re in.”

De Blasio Doesn’t Endorse Bernie Sanders, Is Weighing His Own Run

In 2016, de Blasio attracted wide attention when he delayed endorsing Hillary Clinton for several months in her race against Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, even though de Blasio had served as campaign manager during her 2000 election to the U.S. Senate, and had worked in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. In 2014, the former president swore in de Blasio to start his first term as mayor.

Sanders, 77, on Tuesday announced a second White House bid, saying one of his primary motivations is to oust President Donald Trump. Since Trump’s defeat of Clinton, de Blasio has traveled at least three times for well-publicized visits with Sanders, who swore in the mayor for his second term.

De Blasio said he wants to nationally promote the policies he has pushed as mayor, such as universal pre-kindergarten, two weeks paid vacation for all, and reducing crime while trying to improve police-community relations.

“I do not rule out any particular path for myself," de Blasio said when asked by reporters whether he’s considering his own run for the presidency.

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