Colombia Revokes Passes Maduro Allies Used for Shopping Trips

(Bloomberg) -- More than 300 Venezuelans connected with the government of President Nicolas Maduro had their migration cards revoked by Colombia, as part of an international effort to isolate the Caracas regime.

Colombia’s migration authority canceled the so-called Border Mobility Pass for mayors, governors, members of congress who support the Maduro government, and some of their family members. The card allows Venezuelans unlimited entry to Colombia, but restricts holders to border areas, where they can shop for food and medicine, visit family members and study, according to the migration office.

“It doesn’t make sense that while people migrate due to hunger and need, plugged-in members of the dictatorship enjoy these benefits and enter our country, using this card, to go shopping, among other things,” Colombia’s migration chief Christian Kruger said in a statement sent by his press office.

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