Around the World With ETFs

Acronyms are a popular way to shorthand especially promising emerging markets. Take the BRICs: Brazil, Russia, India and China. Or how about MIST: Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey. And here's a new one from Bloomberg Intelligence: Africa's CUTEs, for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Ethiopia. These catchy terms tend to make buzz because investors see such vast economic potential in these countries -- but where there's potential, you'll also find risk.

Ahead of Bloomberg's New Economy Forum in Singapore on Nov. 6-7, Joel and Eric take a tour of these potential growth engines with VanEck emerging market analysts Patricia Gonzalez and Ola El-Shawarby. They share how they approach investing in countries such as Brazil, Peru, South Korea, Nigeria, and Egypt and give their thoughts on why active investing can outperform passive. Eric also highlights ETFs that can give investors single-country exposures.

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