A Skunk Crashes the Garden Party in Markets

(Bloomberg) --

Renewed trade tensions between the U.S and China arrived in markets like a “skunk at the garden party,” according to David Joy, the chief market strategist at Ameriprise Financial who has more than 40 years of experience in investment management. He tells co-hosts Sarah Ponczek and Mike Regan how he’s expecting markets to handle this pungent new arrival on the latest episode of the “What Goes Up” podcast.

Along with that skunk, Uber Technologies arrived at the garden party of public markets this week with its long-awaited initial public offering. Kathleen Smith, co-founder of Renaissance Capital and manager of the IPO exchange-traded fund, joins the podcast to assess Uber and the rest of the money-losing herd of unicorns that may make 2019 a record year for IPO issuance. As always, the hosts and guests finish up with a discussion of the craziest things they saw in markets this week.

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