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Former U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden entered the crowded Democratic presidential field as a frontrunner. He's already tapping some of former President Barack Obama's financial backers, but didn't immediately secure an endorsement from his ex-boss. 

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Uber is planning to sell shares for as much as $50 apiece; Amazon and Starbucks reported positive earnings while Intel took a tumble.

Laurene Powell Jobs has become a quiet force in Silicon Valley, backing more than 30 startups since 2014.

Singapore is trying to make billions of dollars by removing the sub-second delay caused by routing trades via Tokyo or London.

Silicon Valley has just about killed local news in America, so now its helping fund about 200 nonprofit newsrooms trying to undo the damage. 

Bloomberg Businessweek has seen the future of shopping. It takes place on social media, involves no physical stores and is already happening in China.

The moon is once again a target of space exploration. This Japanese engineer is planning to land two miniature rovers there in 2021.

What's Sid Verma thinking about? The Bloomberg cross-asset reporter says that whatever you think about the reasons behind this year’s epic market rebound, the fundamental macro backdrop looks relatively decent.

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Gen Z keeps confounding Corporate America. They’ve shunned beer, they want companies to take political stands and they trust Kardashians to make their makeup choices. But perhaps the biggest surprise about this new cohort is the most unexpected of all: They love the shopping mall.

Your Evening Briefing

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