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An internal Republican poll obtained by Bloomberg News paints a bleak picture of the party's midterm prospects. Voters overwhelmingly believe the party's tax overhaul helps the wealthy, not average Americans. And Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a frequent target of GOP attacks, is more popular than President Donald Trump.

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Prime Minister Theresa May complained about the EU's decision to reject her Brexit plans and demanded that the U.K. be treated with respect.

After days of restraint, Trump tried to sow doubt about the credibility of the California professor who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. 

Apple's new iPhone costs up to $200 more than last year's pricey model and represents one of the smallest advances in its history. But customers don't care

The Miss America competition has been trying to evolve. Getting rid of swimsuits was a start, but it still faces a funding crisis, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suggested to colleagues that he secretly record conversations with Trump, but a person who was present said he was joking.

What's Lorcan Roche Kelly thinking about? The Bloomberg markets reporter is thinking about another asset class that suffers from being the trend du jour until it's not: gold. The shiny stuff has traded in an amazingly tight range over the last month, which means people neither love it nor hate it.

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Brad Halsey trains people to leverage democratized technology—CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, and microcontrollers—to solve problems. Who can he help? Professors who’d like to be more practical, engineers who make elaborate designs but rely on techs for prototypes, or 20-year-old Marines who could use them on base and in combat. You never know when the ability to rapidly design and print a mortar-tube bolt or Humvee door handle could be critical on the battlefield.

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