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As President Donald Trump denied that 3,000 people died in storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, offering no evidence in the face of an independent study and triggering accusations of racism, Hurricane Florence arrived off the coast of North Carolina. In that state, deregulatory zeal among legislators may have made its citizens more vulnerable to disaster.

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How bad will the next financial crisis be, and when will it happen? JPMorgan has built a model that sheds some light. Don’t make any plans for 2020.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wrongly delayed Obama-era rules meant to protect students who took out college loans from predatory practices, a judge ruled.

Apple unveiled its largest-ever smartphone Wednesday, the iPhone Xs Max. We compared it with the Galaxy Note 9. Wall Street had its own take.

Google co-founder Larry Page is giving Washington the cold shoulder at a perilous time for the search giant, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

When Bitcoin plunged as much as 15 percent over two days last week, a theory emerged on the internet: a whale was on the move.

Housing markets in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada and Sweden are getting risky, which may be bad news for each nation’s broader economy.

What’s Joe Weisenthal thinking about? The Bloomberg news director says investors should stop hunting black swans, and instead take a moment to be happy for all the good news in the market on the tenth anniversary of the 2008 collapse.

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Rihanna’s idea of sexy may offer a challenge to Victoria’s Secret. The pop singer unveiled a lingerie line at New York's Fashion Week Wednesday night with a mashup of catwalk cool and performance art. Her Savage x Fenty brand holds itself out as a billboard for positive self-image and female empowerment, and perhaps a repudiation of more traditional definitions of beauty by other labels. 

Your Evening Briefing

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