High Rollers, Bohemians and Paul McCartney

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- My end-of-week morning train reads:

  • Gen Z was shaped by recessions, financial crises, war, terror threats, school shootings and the constant glare of social media. Meet your new employees. (Wall Street Journal)
  • It’s Not Time to Hit the Ejector Seat on Emerging Markets (Bloomberg Opinion)
  • Hospitals are fed up with drug companies, so they’re starting their own (Washington Post)
  • Smart Beta Is Officially Dead, But Not Forgotten (Alpha Architect)
  • What information should we consume? (the Money Illusion)
  • A New Spotify Initiative Makes the Big Record Labels Nervous (New York Times)
  • Ten Things I Never Knew About Las Vegas Until I Ran a High-Roller Suite (Bloomberg)
  • A New Origin Story for Dogs (the Atlantic)
  • Last Rites for the Village Voice, a Bohemian Who Stayed On Too Long (New York Times)
  • Paul McCartney interview: the Beatles star on seeing God, teaching Stormzy to play piano and his new album, “Egypt Station” (the Times)

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High Rollers, Bohemians and Paul McCartney

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