Remembering John McCain: Theme of the Week

This Week Was John McCain Week

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Senator John McCain died this week, ending a long and exemplary life as one of the most important and colorful political figures of our era. Bloomberg Opinion writers, including Bloomberg LP founder Mike Bloomberg, had a lot to say about the man, his legacy — and the disappointing reaction of his late-life political adversary, President Donald Trump.

“To me, John wasn’t only a hero in war. He was also a hero in politics. Over the years, we disagreed on many issues, but I always admired his determination to do what he believed was right, even if it carried a political cost — as it so often did. The strong independent streak he demonstrated time and again, and his willingness to pay the price for it, defined his political career.” Read the whole thing.

This Week Was Also Trade Deal Week

While the rest of Washington mourned McCain, Trump rushed to cut a trade deal with Mexico to replace Nafta, which the president has often criticized. He ended the week trying to bang out a similar pact with Canada. Bloomberg Opinion writers were quick to analyze the deal’s impact, including its effect on business and on still-growing trade tensions with Europe and China.

Trump’s Mexico Trade Deal Looks Like a Lemon — David Fickling and Anjani Trivedi

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