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Local, state and federal probes. Guilty pleas. A guilty verdict. Lawsuits. When it comes to the U.S. president and his associates, nothing seems to budge Republicans in Congress, who are either silent or doubling down on Donald Trump's defense. There may be only one person who can break the spell between now and the midterms, and Robert Mueller isn't talking

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Jonathan Bernstein writes in Bloomberg Opinion that, even with this week's developments, the accumulated evidence has yet to demand Trump's impeachment. But it's firmly requesting it.

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Loretta Mester said the case for raising interest rates is “pretty compelling” given the economy’s strength. The chairman agreed, and markets rose.

Trump’s trade war is likely to escalate after the the U.S. and China failed to make any progress in two days of talks. Meanwhile, the administration rolled out limited new sanctions against Russia over its alleged use of chemical weapons in the attempted killing of an ex-spy living in the U.K. 

When it comes to a choicebetween being anti-immigration or pro-business, business is winning out in these southern U.S. states, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

There is no safe level of alcohol use. Drinking booze is linked to some 2.8 million deaths each year, according to researchers. Their conclusion? Tax it heavily and keep it away from kids.

Saudi Aramco’s proposed IPO was the wrong idea at the wrong time, Shira Ovide writes in Bloomberg Opinion.

What’s Luke Kawa thinking about? The Bloomberg markets reporter is mulling advice from some quarters that, even if it's unsure about inflation's path, the Fed should still raise rates.

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Why will your next family vacation be chosen by teenagers? While they may not be the ones paying for it, teens are among the most sought after demographics by the travel industry. Their moods can make or break a trip, and currying favor with them early can translate into a lifetime of loyalty. So hand over your credit card.

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